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The Gibson Les Paul "Burst" has become the most sought after vintage musical instrument today. Known for it's beauty, tone and playing comfort. This one is a 1959 classic.

The Zimo. A hand crafted instrument built by the composer Harry Parch. It is a micro-tonal marimba ( 42 tones per octave) with additional percussive effects, hub caps etc.

Grafton Alto Sax. The body is made entirely of plastic with metal clip - off keys. Made for a short time in the 1950's, it was used by Charlie Parker and Ornette Coleman. The most Deco sax in the world.

Selmer MK VI Tenor Sax. This French saxophone has become a classic due to it's adjustable key balance, even harmonics and reliability. Used by many of the great tenor players; John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz and many more.

The Manzello, 1920's.The late Roland Kirk used this and other customized instruments to produced music of unusual imagination and uncompromising quality. Similar to a soprano sax it produces a fuller sound but has strange intonation.

The Minimoog. Small and compact, this three oscillator synth incorporates the basic features found on the larger modular systems. Fat and gutsy if you can keep the oscillators from drifting out of tune, bit like the Manzello really.

Yamaha WX5 MIDI wind controller. Excellent controller, capable of true wind player expression. Works well with samplers but best when paired with computer designed physical modeling synthesis.

Djembe. Ghana. I love this African drum because it has a deep gun (pronounced "goon", the center bass note in the middle of the head) and high edge note. The rounded wooden edge and the wide head produce numerous pitch variations.

L.A. Sax. A one of a kind sax made by L.A. Sax (Milan) who specialize in multi colored horns and straight altos and tenors.

Yamaha GX1. An experimental tri-manual synth with foot pedals, only seven produced. Check out "Fanfare For The Common Man" recorded by Keith Emerson, or Jack Lancaster and Rick Van Der Linden's "Wild Connections."

The Sarangi. Known in the west as the double violin, the sarangi is revered for it's uncanny capacity to imitate the timbre and inflections of the human voice as well as for the intensity of emotional expression to which it lends itself. Listen to Lakshminarayana Shankar playing on Peter Gabriel's score for "The Last Temptation Of Christ."

Gong. This one is fashioned from beaten copper and is from Borneo.


Adolphe Sax the inventer of the saxophone



The saxophone family ranges from the tiny sopranino to the giant seven foot high contrabass. Adolphe Sax the Belgian inventor of the saxophone patented a subcontrabass sax , as far as I know none were ever built. Perhaps it's for the good ! The last time I played a contrabass the low notes made the bones in my neck and head vibrate, a subcontrabass would probably make your head explode. (J.L.)


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